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Chris Watton.  I have been in the TV /CCTV business for almost 50 years.

The first TV's I was involved with in the repair trade. They were mostly black and white with valves inside, they took a a few minutes to come on and could only recieve 3 channels, unlike today with digital TV so I've seen many changes over the years, likewise with CCTV.  These also had tubes that were slow to warm up, these were recorded onto video tape, VHS in time lapse, a series of still images with a 3 hour tape lasting 24 hours and the tape was changed every day.

A long way from modern CCTV which are now all solid state with megapixel definition and of course colour pictures that can be recorded in full motion video at full HD quality.

TV servicing and repair today is a much more complicated business.

Much of the technology does not allow for individual components but rather mode complete board replacment.  This means higher cost repairs and unfortunately many are not available as spare parts.

Also many brand name sets are not made by the company whose name is on the set. More often a third party company makes the circuit boads, this makes soucing parts very difficult.

However we still do repair quite a number of TV's.



CCTV, has become much more affordable, far superior quality and much easier to install.

Whilst there are still quite a few different types, these are CVBS, AHD,TVI, CVI and IP some of these are not always compatible with popular recording equipment.  For example, TVI will not work with a CVBS type recorder (DVR) even though the connections are the same.

Many pre built kits are available but this isn't always the best solution where 4 cameras of the same type may not be ideal for varying distances of desired monitoring.

C and C TV offer many types and will advise on systems at the time of quotation.

Many changes in technology from the 1970's to today, it's an ever changing world

Coming soon night images from the Sony Starvis range

For all CCTV enquiries, please phone or email to the address below.



C and C TV

Auraceria House

Mill Lane




01205 870552

07939 884649


Why the name C and C TV,

Quite simply because when we bagan, it was Chris and Carl. Sadly Carl lost his battle with cancer a couple of years ago, so now its only one C but his memory lives on.

Current clients who I'm proud to associate with, and testamonials.

a.g brown builders leverton

M.J. Dawson (building contractor) wrangle

T. Ashton & Sons Wrangle

Leggates Farms Wrangle (probably the only 4K CCTV system in the area)

Staples Vegatables Wrangle

The Stores Wrangle

Wrangle Parish Church

The Angel Inn Wrangle

B and C Bowles Wrangle

Cash Engineering Wrangle

Sam Oldham Farms Shop Wrangle

New Farn Organics Wrangle

Mill Farm Leisure Wrangle

Shane Stengall Construcution Wrangle

G H Kime Transport Wrangle

S J Grant Electrical and Security Leverton

Roughten Farms and Estates

Boston Bowl Visual displays CCTV and audio systems

David Ashton Farms

The Snooker Farm

Royle Lakes

Lakeview Lodges

Control tower friskney  sound and video systems (www.control-tower.co.uk )

Africa -project Solar powered CCTV No electricity- No problem.(Hyena eating a camera was a bit more tricky)

We have also supported the Royal British Legion free of charge for public address functions

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A FEW TIPS THAT MIGHT HELP YOU AND ME, At this time of social distancing we must all try to reduce visits.It is very important.

Telepone . 01205 872552 or 07939 884649

Either number will connect to my mobile

You will not be charged any extra, I have paid for call divert. 

Please call once only, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

If your TV isn't working properly, here are a few simple checks you can make yourself.

1. TV dosn't come on at all!

Check any power light on the TV?  yes = supply ok

is there any on screen text? eg no signal AV HDMI Analogue, any words or letters at all or a countdown timer = TV is working but wrong source selected.



Press the MENU button, this may be called HOME on some TV's does anything appear on the screen ?

If it does the TV is probably ok, If nothing appears, try unplugging the main plug for 2 minutes, then replace the plug, press the power/ standby button.Please try the button on the TV, sometimes it's the remote that has stopped working, maybe just nneds batteries! 

A simple (but not certain way to test a remote control) point it directly into the camera of a smart phone , you should see a flashing light. Not a concrete test but no light usually means remote not working!!!

This won't work for Sky Q or Amazon fire remotes as they are blutooth.

Try the menu button again. If still nothing phone for advice. Either number will connect to my mobile,

If you use a SKY box or A FREEVIEW/YOUVIEW  box, NOW SWITCH THAT ON, in most cases the TV will auto select the correct input, however some won't, now try the SOURCE /INPUT SELECT sometimes this is a symbol of a TV screen with an arrow pointing inward. if no results Please phone for advice.

When calling  PLEASE HAVE THE MAKE AND MODEL OF YOUR TV, AND ANY EXTERNAL BOXES CONNECTED TO IT, ie I have a Samsung LE32-R88 with a BT box and a DVD player.