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CCTV, means closed circuit television.What does that mean? Well simply that it's not for broadcast, it means only you can see it.

What does  CCTV do?

It deters captues events.

What does CCTV not do?

it doesn't totaly secure youe home or premisis,

C and C TV DO NOT USE EBAY KITS!!! unless requested, 




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The 6 images above are at different zoom levels and distances, top left and centre, moving vehicle 25 metres at 20 mph,top right zoomed on a business card at 5 metres, bottom left maximum zoom, building 1Km away, bottom centre 50% zoom, and finally no zoom.


All images made with Swann A852 PTZ camera 720P HD Camera with 10x zoom lens, 360 mount

                                                          Please scroll down for Video

Top left, 80meters full zoom, centre 50 metres and top right 80 meteres moving vehicle

Coming soon night images from the Sony Starvis range

For all CCTV enquiries, please phone or email to the address below.



C and C TV

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01205 870552

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