Bought your equipment at another shop! No problem C and C TV install your things atr a much lower cost

C and C TV


Example prices

Currys basic install

£45  Argos £50

C and C TV

Installs from £25.00

Supply and servicing of most makes of  TV.

Still repairing TV's, Yes. Thats right as a component level engineer, Tv's video equipment and audio units can still be repaired,although the availability of spare parts is rapidly diminishing!

However I will always attemt to fix stuff rather than simply say you need to buy a new one. The ever changing development of home and business entertainment, is unending, C and C TV is a member of an international group of engineers that constantly strive to keep up with current trends and practices. All your servicing needs,

Tuition sometimes is all that is required,many times I am called simply to set up and show customers how to use the equipment, to gain full advantage of the new item they have purchased,. C and C TV dosn't mind that you bought your equipment elswhere,

countless times I've heard " I didn't know it did that" or "how do I record something"

Today many people buy things from supermarkets, or online shopping outlets,and yes even bike shops, all they get is a box, poor instructions,or unreadable information.

No problem for C and C TV,

Cand C TV

Coming soon night images from the Sony Starvis range

For all CCTV enquiries, please phone or email to the address below.



C and C TV

Auraceria House

Mill Lane




01205 870552

07939 884649

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